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Course on Gender Identity- Part Two

Part Two: Parents vs Clubs

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  • 65 US dollars
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Part 2: Who is involved? GSA, GLF (Gay Liberation Front) , Stonewall, Major publications (such as PinkNews, OUT, Attitude Magazine) politicians and the powerful (trans billionaire Jennifer Pritzker, cousin of JB Pritzker governor of Illinois), musicians (Sam Smith), actors (Daniel Ratcliffe,Jameela Jamil, other posers) How is the message being disseminated? Emotional Appeal Social pressure and guilt tripping Inflated statistics about transgender violence as the VICTIM Online communities grooming Jargon and 'special' definitions of words with preexisting definitions Undermining the parental bond through misinformation Is this the same as a cult? With us or against us mentality Doxxing Social ostracization Historical examples of cults that fizzled out leaving their members dead or in turmoil Peoples Temple (1978), Solar Temple (1994–97), Heaven's Gate (1997), Adam House, Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God (2000), Training centre forrelease of the Atma-energy "Cult + time = religion"

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