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Course on Gender Identity- Part One

Part One- What is Trans?

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 65 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Course:For Adults who have been affected by Gender Identity Ideology on Social Media, Gender Identity Ideology and Pornography ( and how it could be controlling your child's behaviour ) In the Course, we will go over the online phenomenons of 2021 and how they relate to children/teens. ​I am presenting the material in a way which is to convey facts, as distressing as they may be, and some solutions. ​The purpose of this course is to educate about these issues and to make parents aware, I am not a social worker, nor do I have any qualifications in psychology- I simply deliver what is out there from the perspective of interviewing those who have been affected by this Ideology ( detransitioners ), being in the groups, using meta-data, evaluating course work, attending webinars and becoming deeply involved in online communities. Part 1: What is Trans? no clear definition being a major problem Transsexual vs. Transgender What is Non-binary? direct conflict with the binary set up by transitioning MTF or FTM What are pronouns? Third-person part of speech used to reference a person not present, sex-based honorifics not 'gender expression' based Cultural use of pronouns across languages ex. Japanese honorifics such as "-chan" or "-kun" used to denote the relationship Why do people need these labels? Intro How are people finding out about this phenomenon? Social Media Tumblr, Deviant art, Hashtags, Twitch (streaming video games,) YouTube 'influencers' TikTok the spy app Eastern art aimed at youth (anime, though most never touch this subject) In-School - through new sexual education guidelines in some areas Predation by "Glitter Family"s What does it mean going forward? Emotional blackmail, legislation, medicalization, birth defects, sterilization, debt slavery to pay for medicalization, free "healthcare” which includes SRS sources from local taxes

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