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YouTube Influencers, Only Fans... Meet the Creators who make Adult Content for Minors

Parents often share with me, their unequivocal conviction that their child, suffering delusions about their sexed body, have not been influenced by pornography. I find their blind spot extremely troubling. If they don’t understand the full measure of their children’s grooming into the porn and gender industries, how can they help them?

Most people over the age of 30 do not understand today’s pornography industry, how insidious it is, how graphic and violent it is, and how inured young people have become to it. I can tell in speaking with parents, they have never been on PornHub, don't know what Hentai is and think "OnlyFans" is a social network for young adults.

OnlyFans is a social platform merging creator and fan connections. The site is inclusive of artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing authentic relationships with their fanbase. This sounds innocuous enough until pornographers enter the scene.

OnlyFans is a site which has penetrated the youngest demographic online: YouTube influencer fans. David Dobrik, a young, American youtuber, has gained unparalleled acceptance with his vlog-style, short videos featuring an array of extremely graphic GONZO pornography performers. He promotes his female friend who has made "$4 Million on OnlyFans ( freakout)".

Ohio brothers Logan and Jake Paul, two more young YouTubers, are providing adult content to children both of whose audiences are 8-16 years old.

Logan hosts a variety of porn stars on his podcast and vlog channel and for the past year has heavily featured a young woman by the name of Lana Rhoads, making light of her "career" and awesome past, commenting on how he loved to masturbate to her PornHub catalogue. Lana has since gone on to reveal how she feels she was groomed into pornography and was forced to do more and more extreme acts ( like drinking urine from a dog bowl ).

Lana appears in Logan's vlog and podcast channel (who has a 20Million+ predominantly child fan base ) promoting her OnlyFans material and gloating that she is the number one performer on PornHub. Hearing Lana's story of dysfunction in her childhood, her having a sugar daddy at 16, and her eventual move to Los Angeles to star in hardcore and extreme pornography after turning 18, is jarring. The 23-year-old appears visibly traumatized at some points within the vlog interviews, and at others, boasts that she is producing content "starring young girls who still enjoy having sex on camera".

Gender Identity Ideology and Pornography ( specifically Hentai, FTM and shemale pornography) are inextricably linked.

I was recently provided a drawing by a 14-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl, that was lifted directly out of Hentai Pornography, shown to me by his parents. The parents seemed to believe the picture was simply a whimsical portrayal of a long-haired creature drawn (very well) by their talented child. What made it more disturbing is that this picture was circulated as a showcase of this "trans girl’s" talent.

Hentai fuses extreme acts of violence, bestiality, pedo culture and “transgenderism” and delivers a pornographic experience which appears entirely innocuous to the untrained eye.

Whilst a 14-year-old may not have been initially affected by what we would traditionally define as pornography, they have been exposed to the greater culture. The penchant for many YouTube "influencers" and comedians is to promote their OnlyFans as an additional or complete stream of revenue.

Only Fans supports a feature where "creators" ( that's the pornographer ) can have a direct message with the "fans ". This bridges the gap between the adult world and the celebrity world in a way which was never been done before. Gone are the days where one would go to a video shop for a porn movie you took home and watched in isolation or with a partner. Now, you can have an entire relationship online with the pornographer.

Buck Angel, a purported ally of the those fighting to abolish the gender industry, has been a stable feature in the FTM pornography space for 20 years- producing hardcore and stomach-churning acts with females and males and multiple partners alike, including for OnlyFans.

Her move into the OnlyFans porn platform, has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many people who are paying the highest price in the world of gender dysphoria. As more and more people are exploring her content online, they are having difficulty reconciling her positioning herself as an ally to those fighting the gender industry, while she is grooming young women captured by the trans cult, into being performers in their own on-line porn content. Anyone who believes this is nothing more than a few lewd pictures needs to have a quick look around and see the content which is available.

Today’s kids would have difficulty avoiding extreme porn in their day to day lives. It is everywhere they turn and the price to their mental health is extraordinary.

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