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Why Do So Many Teen Girls Think They Are Transgender?

Every generation has its way of separating itself from its parents- being a goth, getting piercings, gender-bending with clothes and hairstyles. It is, in fact, a hallmark of healthy adolescence.

After seeing "The Sound of Music" at 10, I declared that I would become a nun, the only snag in that plan was that I wasn't a Catholic. At 13, I painted my lips black and pierced my lip, and declared myself a "Goth For Life", I look back at the pictures with a bit of embarrassment but what teenage girl doesn't?

Another hallmark of my teenage years was of course body hatred, something which went on into my adult years. Bouts of severe and at some times debilitating anorexia plagued my life and it remained an ongoing struggle into my 20's.

After studying the latest cohort of girls who believe they are trapped in the wrong body, I have to wonder to myself- is this just a very old tale repeating itself in every generation?

The only difference is that this group of girls is being medicalized, surgically altered, and set on a path of body modification to change sex- something which can never be achieved.

33,000 girls on GoFundMe are wanting to remove their healthy breasts, why are we not declaring a state of emergency for these young females?

And what of the doctors, the profiteers, the activists, and the corporations who are supporting this lunacy?

" If you want breasts later in life.... you can go and get them" claimed one popular surgeon, Joanna Olson Kennedy. I think this MD doesn't understand the function of breasts, and that plastic implants will never nurse children, nor will they ever have any sensation as breasts do.

Another worrying trend is how many of these girls are funding these surgeries through online prostitution, street prostitution, and "Only Fans".

I call on everyone supporting this lunacy to re-think their strategy and to have some humanity. Think of the teenage girl you were and have some compassion. Consider what you are going to say in 10 years' time when this comes crashing down. Consider the person you want to be and show some humanity for the girl you could have been.

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