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"Unorthoboxed: How an autogynephillic public confession groomed an orthodox womens' publication

Throughout the past several years, a multitude of women's publications and organisations have fallen victim to autogynephillic gender dysphoric males and their lies. The most recent of which is the "so called" Jewish orthodox womens' publication"Unorthoboxed" where a male performs a public confession of his autogynephillia, and the misogyny fuelled fetishistic display of dehumanisation which follows.

The male in questions ponders, with the misogynistic objectification of women on absolute display;

Nowadays, when people ask how I know I’m a woman and not simply a man with feminine interests, I tell them about my bathroom anxiety. Why did I crave, for years, to use the women’s bathroom?

Craving to use the wrong sexed bathroom is indeed one of the symptoms of the male entitled fetish- 3% of all men are fetishistic cross dressers and this one has all the trimmings- male privilege, entitlement and the dangerous porn fuelled fetish.

Phillis Chesler a Jewish woman who produces Jewish content which is actually worth something ponders;

The transgender movement is well known for shaming, harassing, and silencing all those feminists who have a rational, objective critique of what has become a well-funded, Orwellian movement of Big Brothers in which disagreement is not tolerated -- in fact, it is howled down. Any other point of view on the trans issue has already been disappeared in the academic world, in the media, and in international and national legal instruments. In fact, it has already made its way onto numerous government medical forms in which unsuspecting elders, waiting in line to be vaccinated, are asked if they are trans, non-binary, or other.

It's time we asked these nefarious publications who have allowed themselves to be groomed by a fetishist to stop producing their content. Women don't consent to this type of dehumanisation on any level and most of us see how you are grooming the younger generation to be complacent about what this fetish does in material reality.

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