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UnderCover at the Gender Surgeon: What they don't want you to know

From hardcore sales tactics to straight up lying about the dangers of some procedures, and even advice on how to get around insurance companies, the gender surgeons of 2021 are skilled manipulators. The Gender Mapping Project has gone undercover to document some of their lies and tricks.

Dr Gallagher is a skilled saleswoman but her brazen arrogance and her social media cult like following, gaggle of teenage followers fused with her Miami yacht and champagne lifestyle has left her entirely open. The biggest misconception about gender surgeons is probably that they operate under a cloak of secrecy- but evil is always truly arrogant.

Gallagher fuses sales tactics and gender activism in a perfect way. Breast removal is the hero's journey, a wonderful train ride for dysphoric females and she is the civil rights activist and surgeon who is leading the way, scalpel and flag in hand.

"But no one is performing surgery on minors".

This project has revealed that lie is far from the truth- and the Gendermapping project has completely stripped that nonsense and laid it bare.

Gone are the days when we can guess and speculate whether or not gender surgeons perform vaginoplasty on minors- we can name them. Gone are the days where activists will tell us that it's a "lengthly and vigorous process", we've received referrals. Gender surgeons can no longer continue to operate without facing the reality of their actions.

"You know that insurance won't cover that, right".

Whilst many gender surgeons and their receptionists will help you file yourself ( even multiple times ) for a procedure to be covered, there are some who say straight up that insurance doesn't cover certain procedures for children. Vaginoplasty, for example, the surgery where the penis is inverted and sliced like a banana, is only insurance friendly for the over 18s. However, if you stumble across this particular roadblock in your quest to authenticity then fear not- the gender surgeons will accept cash.

Payment plans are also popular- with Gallagher supporting a credit card for paying for your affirmation in several youtube and instagram posts.

The Gender Mapping project will be releasing some breathtaking undercover research in the coming weeks- so grab your flag, your pride pin, your pronoun badge and let's uncover this beast together.

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