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Trans Fall For That Good Ol' Time Religion

By Rebbitzen Esther Gellie ( pen name )

Since 2019, a man named Samuel “Sam” Zerin (aka Samatha Zerin, aka Shuli Elisheva) has”identified as a woman.” More recently, he has also decided he is specifically an Orthodox woman. This is even though he does not practice Orthodox Judaism and is a man and can’t change his biological sex no matter what Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) activists say. He recently uploaded pictures of his inverted penis to social media ( do not even consider googling this, I can't afford the therapy for THAT one ).

Yet, with the support of LGBTQI+ activists, advocacy organizations, and a platform provided by an online publication supposedly by and for Orthodox women called “Unorthoboxed,” Shuli has launched a campaign to push himself into Orthodox Jewish women’s spaces. But there’s a problem. The Orthodox Jewish community is sex-segregated based on biological sex, not “gender identity,” and this distinction between men and women is integral to the entire body of Jewish law by which Orthodox Jews live. Men are separate from women. One can’t become the other.

So when a man in a secular society “identifies as a woman,” and then claims that he is also an Orthodox Jewish woman, that is a direct affront to all Orthodox women. Specifically, it is a campaign against women’s right to modesty and to not have men invade their privacy. It is a campaign against other people’s religious beliefs. It destabilizes the right of others to practice their religion.

In the secular world, activists have launched successful campaigns to terrorize women, to get them de-platformed and fired from their jobs. Orthodox women are not likely to get fired if they state the fact that no woman has a penis. However, they have other vulnerabilities that can ruin their lives. Some of these activists’ most dishonest attempts in the Jewish world have involved infiltrating Orthodox womanhood and have been appearing over the last few months in the new online magazine called “Unorthoboxed,” which is an English language Orthodox Jewish woman's magazine based in Israel. The managing editor is a former Christian missionary turned motivational speaker, life coach, and born-again “Orthodox Jew.”

As Shuli tells it in his monthly feature piece for the magazine, he realized that he was a woman in 2019 when he was in an airport returning home from a vacation. While in the airport he suddenly had an unremitting desire to go into the women’s bathroom. After that, he could not suppress his increasingly frequent urges, his obsession, to enter women’s private spaces in public places.

Using a platform meant by and for Orthodox women, he has been continually generating “transgender” propaganda, claiming in their pages that “transgender” has a long-secret mystical Cabalistic history of acceptance, or even reverence, in Orthodox Judaism.

To this end, Zerin states that “Rabbi Joseph Karo – the author of the Shulchan Aruch – teaches that a woman with the soul of a man is, in fact, male,” to support his claim that he, too, could be the opposite sex. Of course, Zerin fails to provide proof. Because there is no source. Zerin made it up.

He does not stop by falsifying at The Shulchan Aruch. Zerin continues and dabbles in other texts. He tries to appear erudite. He fails. In his discussion of the Mishna, he cites a source that he links not to the Mishna itself, or even to a scholarly secondary source that provides commentary on the Mishna. He links to an LGBT advocacy site called Keshet, or Rainbow, that is reportedly funded by, among others, vulture capitalist Paul Singer, who has contributed $40 million to LGBT causes.

The link to the LGBT Keshet site that he uses for his “deeply religious” argument is nothing more than a kind of handy-dandy crib sheet created for activists that are intended to be used with the public who are likely unfamiliar with the specific ins and outs of Jewish law – much like the newly Orthodox editor and staff of Unorthoboxed. It is so poorly put together that it comes off as fake as Pepe La Pew’s French accent.

The level of ignorance on display from Zerin is only rivaled by the Keshet site and that can’t be understated. Zerin can’t handle a Mishnaic text so he jumps into Caballah to save himself. Which is like not being able to understand basic addition so invoking calculus. Unfortunately in practical terms and reality, even if he could parse the material, Cabbalah plays no role at all in Halacha or Jewish law. So it does not matter what Cabbalah says about men being women, changing sex, or pink and blue brains being born in the “wrong body.”

What is telling is that elsewhere, at the same time, Shuli has been using his public social media account to describe in great detail his newfound “woman skin,” (yes he says “skin” so say it if you’re thinking it too—the word is lotion), his “natural” size D cup “breasts” (which grew from his ingestion of estrogen) that really, really lactate, and his appreciation for how his “lady bits” smell now. His public social media posts describe in detail his fantasies about women looking at, and being in awe and jealous of, his “breasts” and “vulva.”

If you don’t believe that could be true, read on! The man that calls himself an Orthodox Jewish woman, committed to modesty, posted this thread on his public Twitter feed:

Shuli follows this up with even more disturbed pornographic/fetishistic man-talk so extreme that even the least sophisticated woman hears the warning bells and sees the red flags. It is lost on no one (outside the staff of Unorthoboxed, who claim to approve of Shuli enjoying “her” new body so publicly) how threatening this man is, specifically to Orthodox women who pray in the separate women's section, are seated in a separate women’s section at weddings, who only dance with other women at the celebration – and, of course, go to the mikveh, or women-only ritual cleansing baths. This is an important point because his interest involves women both looking at and touching his private parts.


Only women who menstruate or are postpartum use the mikveh. It is for no other religious purpose. Women who have reached menopause do not use the mikveh. Men never need to use the women's mikveh. A man cannot be a fertile woman. This context matters.

Mikvahs, because of modesty, are in secluded locations, set back and away from where men may pass by or areas that people gather. Women are completely naked before immersing and once in the water of the mikveh.

As we see from his Twitter feed, Shuli has fantasies of tricking women into looking at him, into touching him, into believing him. “She didn’t even know,” he crows, showing such pleasure in his supposedly successful deception.

Zerin’s big unveiling, and busting the Orthodox doors wide open for all the other men who claim they are women, fails. Zerin is unfamiliar with the material of the abridged activist's crib sheets. The crib sheets have errors of their own even in the formatting. So, Zerin misreads a section because the cheat sheet forgot to put a header in pink. He then losses the thread of the passage and adds his own to the mistakes. Quotes are missing. Some quotes are misattributed to the wrong source or person, quotes used out of context, or given fabricated context. At one point a satirical passage is presented as some deep Jewish mystical truth.

Zerin claims he’s a woman because he has the soul of a woman has no feet. There is no such thing as a soul person in Orthodox Judaism.

It does not matter that Zerin misreads a basic LGBT activism sheet created to be used as a “tell ‘em this, use that against em, gotcha” The real problem is Zerin’s actual religion has no relation to Orthodox Judaism and he is using these maneuvers to not practice a religion but to invade women’s spaces in a sex-segregated community. He is doing so on purpose. Many women and girls know this instinctually. Zerin’s mystical case and proof he not representing Orthodox Laws he is attempting to destroy the legal protections for women when he neglects to mention Rav Shlomo Yitzaki, Rashi, 22.5 11th century definitive commentator on legal issues as binding states :

” men dressing as a woman is to invade women’s spaces. If the intent of this behavior is for lust and to harm women. It is forbidden.”

Autogynephilia is defined as a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female. It is the paraphilia or sexual fetish, that is theorized to underlie transvestism and male transsexualism. Autogynephilia encompasses sexual arousal with the wearing of women’s attire, the performance of stereotypically female pursuits and hobbies such as knitting, appropriation of aspects of women’s bodies and biological processes, and fantasizing about or attempting to perform the sexual role of a woman during sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual. Autogynephilia has been likened to a sexual orientation albeit one that is focused on the self rather than on a partner in that it involves elements of idealization, attachment, and erotic desire for the self rather than for a partner. Nearly 3% of men in Western countries may experience autogynephilia. There are many reasons posited for the increase in the public visibility of autogynephilia in males, among them the increased availability and abuse of pornography, specifically the increasing popularity of forced feminization porn and so-called “sissy Hypno” porn.

Zerin isn’t the first or only creepy male who has wanted affiliation with Orthodox women. There is an entire group of these cross-dressing men who don sheitals, or religious women’s wigs worn for modesty, get all dolled up in modest female clothing and call themselves "The Bubbies" (Jewish word for “grandmother.”) Other than Shuli, however, they have enough brains, foresight, and respect not to come into spaces reserved for women.

Orthodox values are durable and not intrinsically destructive or dishonest: marriage, children, common sense. These values don’t easily mesh with the narcissism, hair-on-fire counterfeit victimhood, or moral panic about an invented oppressed class of people who are by and large actually very pampered middle-class men.

No doubt on some level Shuli and men like him imagine a pretty pink punch reception, the applause at the Sisterhood lunch.

What is clear is how extensive the role-playing game has become, how many players there are, and how many levels of play. It is clearly a cult, and a large cross-section of the members share similar male sexual proclivities that require – in fact, demand – the de facto abuse of women and kids in their safe spaces.

Men acting out their sexual kink in public and forcing women to take part is male sexual abuse of women. That part of the role play game is not negotiable for these men. That is why they have not demanded their own “third spaces” in which to change, bathe, and urinate. And that is why they are clearly dangerous and a threat.

There is also something else going on – call it the Zeitgeist. It works like this: A movement that piggybacked onto the movement for gay and lesbian rights steals currency and authority from that civil rights movement. On one level they justified themselves, by tapping into tropes of the civil rights movement, because emotionally, culturally those have more weight to fill large moral vacuum left empty when society moved away from religion.

The whole project is destructive, abusive and provides the only sexual pleasure many of these men can ever have-seeking out situations where women are forced into to touch a man for his pleasure, ta pleasure that he then describes and publicises. It is another form of male sexual abuse. The Greeks understood that narcissism is fatal—always.

The MO If you’re going to lie is- go big or go home: so they use outlandish slogans—"Transwomen are women". Everyone knows that that the only criteria to claim to be a "Transwoman" is to be a man. Wading through the deception, the fake drama and victimhood is meant not to convince but terrify.

It seems to slide by him that the only time souls are counted across the board is when the plane or the ship goes down. And I’ll go out on a limb here and say that’s when we will count his soul. Not before. The ball’s in his court.

Now, here’s the Sam Zerin Venn diagram to keep in mind and where it all began: The urge to be in the women’s bathroom, the realization he is a woman, those happened at the same time. What also happened : the new found insistence and claiming to be an Orthodox Jewish Woman which coincides with his interest in being in women’s sex segregated space and having women look at and touch him. This is not a stretch.

So, while in secular society all of this brings out the coos, brave, courages, stay safe and is an attention grabber. Even that’s only true in the elite enclaves that foster social contagion, support funding of predatory medicine, embrace fatuous conditions, mental illness, and kink. All while laundering these into causes to signal affluence and woke bona fides. They have a lot on their plate. Here’s the rub, and it needs to be said without fear and over and over in the reframing of men’s autogynephila, (some mental illness a lot dishonesty, and misogyny) they are willing to sacrifice their own children and anyone else’s at the alter of the narcissistic sexual fetishes.

From the Orthodox women’s perspective, if there is one truth about this man and the whole transgenderism movement it is that so far he has destroyed everything he has touched and he wants to touch everything.

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