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How many women are they going to keep mutilating before we wake up?

Anybody who spends any time with de-transitioned women will soon become traumatised, as I am knowing what is happening to so many women — many of them not that much younger than I am— who are getting lost in the transgender maze.

For some years now, unbelievable numbers of insecure young women in Western countries have been told they “are really men”. After seeking help from gender identity clinics, they are hastily set on a path to “gender transition”.

I now receive letters and calls from many who regret the way they were treated. They feel they were not supported so they could work through their concerns. They regret that they were quickly embarked on a life-time of drug-taking and — all too soon — lost their breasts to eager surgeons. We are shocked to read how deeply traumatised many of them are.

What we keep wondering is how did the medical profession become so complicit in such damaging practices? How did something as deeply irrational as gender identity ideology manage to find such acceptance in the medical community? Listening to stories of women who’ve suffered this way, it is easy to suspect that doctors are not just undertaking procedures that are medically negligent but that they are engaged in outright predatory medicine.

The number of doctors performing double mastectomies on the bodies of young insecure women is astounding. They know how to find their prey. They don’t advertise in the Yellow Pages. They are looking for young girls, ideally between 10 and 14. So they advertise on Tik Tok.

Planned Parenthood released a webinar where they went over the findings of their study of transgender youth. 90% of all surveyed individuals were female. This has raised no red flags.

This predatory community of medics uses language that sounds benign. It is euphemistic and deceptive. But peel it back and it is haunting. Terms like “double mastectomy” sound jarring, and for good reason. The idea is shocking. So these surgeons have abandoned that term. They prefer to talk about “top surgery”. This is the language they use when they advertise on social media. #top surgery features prominently on Tumblr and Tik tok — and many of the posts are from surgeons.

In a move that is particularly sinister, these doctors say they are not just performing surgery. They are performing “life-saving” surgery. In fact, they are removing two healthy breasts from healthy female-bodied people.

As more and more of these young women come to regret their decision to allow this disfigurement and start to take action, will the social media platforms that allowed these butchers to promote their services be held to account?

We know that many, if not most, of these young girls, are vulnerable in many ways: some are victims of sexual assault. Some have eating disorders. Many are lesbians who experienced homophobia. Others have a level of body-hatred that signals the need for positive therapeutic help. They are not getting it. Where are the medical professionals and scientists who are ethical and rational? Why are they not speaking out against these practices?

Those of us who are hearing the stories of women who seek to detransition want to send a message to these doctors: “We see what you are doing. Stop targeting young females. Stop performing these surgeries. Your days are numbered. Look up. See the lawsuits. They are coming for you.”

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