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This Week In the War on Children: Gender Nullification Surgery

"The Gender Industry" often forces us to accept certain ludicrous stances- whether it's the sometimes comical demand of men in drag to be seen as "lesbians", the more dangerous assertion that sex is a spectrum to this latest and most horrifying revelation that you can be nullified from your sexed body.

Gender nullification is the latest in what is now called "gender expansive bottom surgery", where Align Surgical of San Francisco California will remove penises, create holes, retain penises and create holes for penetration and fashion an altogether non human experience. Click here for gallery ( this is not for the feint hearted ).

GLSEN's latest trans and non binary survey reveals that the trend to identify as non binary is far greater than any point and it appears that this trend really isn't going anywhere, as a direct result of that, it appears predatory surgeons like Align Surgical have tried to address this demand by offering the latest array in genital mutilation.

Align claims;

While many patients might be interested in transitioning into either a male or female identity, there are plenty of individuals who feel that their gender identity does not quite conform in one direction or the other. Gender nullification surgery can enable non-conforming patients to enjoy a relatively smooth genital area.
Nullification creates a relatively continuous and mostly unbroken transition from the abdomen down into the genital area, enabling gender non-conforming patients to enjoy a body that looks closer on the outside to the way they feel on the inside.

It's hard to comprehend how surgeons fell so far from their duty not to harm as to be performing this level of destruction on patients who are expressing a level of distress in their bodies that they would actually want to create their own surgical plan involving their genitals.

What's more distressing is that those working undercover for the gendermapping project have actually discovered that it may indeed be possible to get a non binary surgery for a minor;

Gender Nullification and the array of procedures for "non binary" identifying people is a stark reality check for those who thought "non binary" was a Tumblr trend for angsty teenage girls.

We need to be ever more vigilant of this level of deceptive nonsense trickling its way in to our medical institutions, psychological institutions and sex education.

Planned Parenthood's language has been entirely overhauled since 2015, adopting all manner of "non binary affirming", "pregnant people" and "non binary identified" language.

Sex and the city was the latest TV show to jump on the non binary bandwagon with it's tediously cringe-y reboot with non binary "Che Diaz", played by similarly non binary identified Sara Ramirez who discovered her "non binary" identity a few years after being named an official HRC ally.

The intervention of the medical community in this manufactured identity should be a chilling moment for us all.

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