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The Transgender Takeover of Planned Parenthood

Over the last decade, a staggering number of prominent international organizations have abandoned their roots and had a bizarre rebirth and remodeling from the ACLU, Amnesty International, and Planned Parenthood.

Amnesty International went on an infamous campaign to legalize and legitimize so-called “sex work”, and was represented by various organizations of pimps and pornographers, despite the protest of the abolitionist women who had survived the sex trade and were begging them to reconsider.

Up until a few years ago, it could be argued that Planned Parenthood offered sexual health, family planning, and vital services to millions of people ( mainly women ) worldwide, and were laser-focused on women's reproductive rights and the integrity of women's bodies. However, certain alliances that have been made in Planned Parenthood have seen the organization shift its focus so drastically that practically bears no resemblance to the organization of the early 2000s.

In 2014, David Karp, Co-founder of Tumblr joined the board of directors of Planned Parenthood. To anyone who understands anything about social media and its toxicity to teens and adolescents, this should have been seriously concerning. Tumblr is a world where mental illness roams uncapped, toxic hashtags such as “thinspiration” are mentioned in nearly every anorexic's story of recovery. A cursory glance at Tumblr in 2014, at the time when David Karp joined Planned Parenthood, it was the mecca of teen trans fixation- millions of drawings, montages are made under “trans” “transgender” and the recent “non-binary”. They were frequently on the trending page of Tumblr.

There were some significant changes in Planned Parenthood's behavior and demographic patient audience since David Karf joined the board. In April 2015, Planned Parenthood added a new section on its website for “gender identity” where they explained in 2-4 pages what transgender means and there was a brief explanation of services and where hormones can be accessed and how. This initial segment was not on the homepage and was largely unpromoted if you were not looking for it, it appeared, in April 2015, that this was a new service and quite a niche, and it didn’t appear to be something which would become Planned Parenthoods marketing focus.

In March 2017- David Karf decided to launch the hashtag “tech stands with PP” all across social media, with the focus very much on women's health and women's rights. By that time, however, Planned Parenthood was rebranding itself with more and more so-called LGBT services.

This is Planned Parenthood as it was in April 2015

This is Planned parenthood in April 2021

When glancing at the two web pages we can see the stark differences, Planned Parenthood has gone under a complete corporate rebranding, to include this new group of medical identities.

Planned Parenthood are mentioned as LGBT activists at every opportunity, not because they care about the lives of gays and lesbians- they do so because it is driving business. Planned Parenthood has, in five short years, managed to rebrand itself to create a new group of customers for itself and its website, messaging and language are a reflection of that.

Planned Parenthood now has more than 500 clinics offering hormone therapy on an informed consent basis. Practically, that means that a patient can arrive, present with no symptoms of anything, and declare themselves the opposite sex and obtain life-altering and mind-altering substances.

Fast forward to April 2021, Planned Parenthood is almost unrecognizable. On its website, there are 178 mentions of the word “trans and non-binary” yet only, 4 mentions of pap smear and 15 mentions of cervical smear. Furthermore, there are 38 mentions of the term ‘nonbinary” yet only 30 mentions of the term “breast exam”, moreover, for the self styling “LGBT” health section there are 32 mentions of the word “lesbian”, yet 45 mentions of “testosterone”. There are more mentions of the term “non-binary” as there are lesbian. What should shock us the most is that when we combine trans and non-binary and gender we arrive at 300 mentions- yet there are only 270 mentions of the word woman.

Planned Parenthood is weaponizing medical identities and duping those who do not understand what is happening into believing they are an organization for women's reproductive health. Planned Parenthood trades on its good name and history of providing Women's Health by sliding into the precarious science-denying business of gender identity which all too often hurts women.

Moving on from giving hormones to confused teens, Planned Parenthood reaches a further low and is now confusing children with their sex education. They teach complicated unscientific concepts as biological facts. They dispense their sex education through groups like GLSEN and Gender Spectrum.

They teach concepts such as “cis privilege” which are so breathtakingly ideological- what does that have to do with sex education?

When I attended a webinar on gender identity and sex education run by Planned Parenthood and GLSEN, I was informed that the only options on birth certificates are male and female, however, they emphasize that they feel this is some great injustice which will change very soon with the recognition of additional sexes. How is it that we have lived for the day where a health provider is even giving a nod to gender identity and multiple sexes?

Planned Parenthood is delivering proxy sex education through these organizations and leveraging their good name to get this science-denying garbage into schools.

They now introduce an entirely new term, called “genderism” which is apparently oppressing someone on the basis of their gender identity, which is doing things like “saying sex is not assigned at birth”.

Speaking of the young ones, whilst under 16s cannot get puberty blockers yet through planned parenthood, the website directs you to the Benioff Hospital, named after Salesforce Billionaire Marc Benioff, with its 4 locations in California. Planned Parenthood can claim they do not give puberty blockers to underage children, but they certainly leave a map to anyone who is interested.

This is one of the finest examples of institutional capture and it is women who are going to feel the full effects of it. When an organization gets into bed with tech giants who possess knowledge of an online trend that has medical implications, we need to take a collective breath.

It’s time we started talking about Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Gender and recognize that Planned Parenthood is a juggernaut in all three.

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