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The South and Central American Gender Clinics and Their Patients

The Global child gender clinic toll now stands at 590 clinics, when factoring in the 16-18 groups and the pediatric gender surgeons, that number is over 700. 2021 started out with a documented 200-300 pediatric gender clinics, this was a serious understatement. Pediatric gender clinics now account for the vast majority of gender clinics, outnumbering adult clinics in many places by 2 to 1.

Researching into the Central and South American gender clinics have led to me wandering into the darkest corners of Gender incorporated, with Santiago, Chile- the proud host of a school for transgender identified children ages 6-17.

What's more, is that these trans identified tots have a multitude of gender clinics and surgeons- with Santiago appearing to have at least seven branches of "Gender Inc".

Santiago's clinics offer some of the most extensive and breathtaking "gender care" surgeries, claiming to be "comprehensive" and "inclusive".

What's even more distressing is the number of gender surgeons and clinics that the gendermapping project is discovering on the border of Mexico and the United States, one claiming that 82% of their patients come from outside the Country- a potential nightmare for anyone who would be wanting to seek legal relief against the surgeons- many of whom are also from abroad, and seemingly operating under the radar of the law in their Country of origin.

With many countries putting the brakes on the child and even adult gender experiment, countries like Sweden, France and Denmark saying they want to examine the affirmation only approach and the Dutch protocol should we expect more of these surgeons to set up shop?

The Transgender Surgery Centre offers a truly astounding array of procedures, from male to nullo, to phalloplasty to double mastectomy. These surgeries are unspeakably complicated, with the phalloplasty having a 70% failure rate- many women have already attempted to seek legal relief in the United States and Europe for botched phalloplasty with limited success.

You must be prepared for occasional complications; being the most common one an opening of the urethra.

Dr Javier acknowledges how dangerous this procedure is, saying on his website that complications are high and that recovery is slow.

There's another reason why the gender clinics in Mexico for foreigners will continue to grow- they are offering a double mastectomy, the surgery that Gallagher claimed to have performed 1000 times in 2020, for nearly half the price of the United States, some say that they uphold WPATH's standard and require a therapist's note, but many make no mention of standards of care.

Medical tourism is lucrative- just look at Thailand. With one in every four teenagers identifying as "transgender" or "non binary", it's easy to understand that the surgeons and private clinics are simply responding to the market's needs.

Gender Inc is not in the business of policing itself, and it's going to be difficult to walk this one back. With many countries wanting to take a more cautious and reasonable approach to this experimental and dangerous area of medicine, many countries are jumping head first into the business.

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