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The Shameful Exploitation of Gender Dysphoric Females in Online Prostitution

Recently, I reported on a Swedish mother, Anke, whose gender dysphoric trans-identified daughter was engaged in street prostitution, but diving deeper into the issue of gender dysphoric youth and prostitution we see an equally predatory, more widespread form of prostitution occurring within this vulnerable population of women and girls. Only Fans is the most recent and trending site for peer-to-peer pornography sharing, the "sex worker" sets up a subscription fee where he or she gets people to join. Whilst there are many stories of people making millions on this website, this is reserved for celebrities who make up the vast majority of all the payments that are processed by only fans.

Onlyfans, however, are disproportionately peppered with FTMs- the majority of which are 18-23 and make an average of $170 per month selling their homemade pornography and nudes. Whilst no one wishes to shame anyone who is so desperate for money that they turn to online prostitution to pay their bills, we must turn our attention to the institutions which support them.

OnlyFans knows that the vast majority of FTMs on this site do not make the money they claim, furthermore, most are open about engaging in online prostitution to pay for surgeries. Gender Dysphoric Females are a psychiatric population, much like anorexic females, however, we do not see anorexic females encouraged on to onlyfans to monetize their illness.

Pornhub, of course, is notorious for exploiting any horror in humanity- the holocaust, slavery, racism in order to create more and more content.

It concerns many that subversive support for pornhub and onlyfans may have come from within the "gender-critical" community itself, Buck Angel, self-confessed "gender critical trans man" was interviewed on Triggernometary last week with the slogan "Stop Medicalizing Children". A cynical take when you consider that Buck still creates and profits off the same pornography which features other gender dysphoric females.

Janice Raymond noted that many girls who desist have been exposed to many hours of FTM pornography and in my recent course with the parents of girls, many lamented that FTM pornography was something they believed was a contributing factor in their daughters illness and quest for medicalization.

I am always astounded when well-meaning and well-educated people fail to connect the dots between vulnerable gender dysphoric youth and pornography- it all comes from the same place- disassociation, desperation isolation, and body hatred.

So-called "Gender Critical" podcasts often confuse the masses with "gender critical" voices that make no sense; "Some trans women are women", "I want to protect children.... but I'm a pornographer".

However, there are voices that should be amplified- the parents who relay their stories to me, who are truly brave in speaking out. A mother of a young woman in Canada has been petitioning the doctors performing her daughter's double mastectomy to rethink her surgery, informing him that her daughter has many psychiatric illnesses, and to please pick up the phone and hear the concerns of a loving mother. The phone is slammed down and her emails are not responded to. Even more worrying, is that the girl is raising money to fund this surgery by prostituting herself to men.

"Every day is a living hell, I am living with the knowledge that my daughter, who declared herself trans only after a sexual assault and meeting a few other females with "non-binary" identities is about to have her breasts removed this week and is prostituting herself at great risk to her emotional and physical health. It's too much to bear. I have to take sleeping pills at night to get through this."

These stories are not isolated, but they don't make it to the mainstream media, nor are they celebrities who can leverage their name, all have the fear of physical repercussions by trans activists or losing their jobs.

Let's start to examine what narratives we push and which ones we reject, for anyone who believes that only fans or pornhub do not contribute to gender dysphoric females' troubles I encourage you to visit the sites if you can stomach it, and take a look for yourself.

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