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“Transgender” Propaganda Marketing is Escalating, and Young People Are Buying It

What began as “gender medicine” for those under the delusion they were the opposite sex, has now morphed into “gender non-binary" surgeries which take the manipulation of sex to new levels.

With a significant percentage of minors self-identifying as "non-binary", it's easy to see that the market has simply responded to anticipated demand.

The Gender Industry is a well-oiled marketing machine, filled with hyped-up TikTok adverts, SEO marketing strategies, and even Google Adwords. The non-binary marketing apparatus has truly kicked into gear.

Searching "non-binary surgery" in Google, I see that Search Engine Optimisation- that's the process of making your content more google friendly so that your business appears higher in on Google- has been adjusted, perfected, optimized and A/B tested.

I started with a blank google page, set my VPN to Denmark, and searched for "non-binary surgeries"

Here is the list of results one gets when searching for "non-binary surgery.” It's a list of surgeons, providers, or a search engine to find a provider.

We're constantly told that "gender affirmation surgery” is life-threatening,( because there will be surely scores and scores of suicides if the teen doesn't access the surgery, like, NOW ), so what happens when I put in "Hysterectomy surgery" into Google?

As shown above, a list of resources explaining to me what a hysterectomy is emerges - WebMD, mayo clinic, and Wikipedia. It appears that no independent surgeon is attempting to use SEO, AdWords, or paid advertisement on social media to promote hysterectomy surgery- which actually could be considered "life-saving" in the case of a woman who has cancer.

Let us then examine what this non-binary fascination does in the real world.

Nonbinary ( males ) are often looking for a procedure which is called "nullification", I'm linking to pictures of this surgery provided by Align Surgical California, but these pics are NSFW and enter at your own risk.

Nullo has been around for a while, however, or at least it appears that way. A group of men who are self-declared "nullos" in London was recently arrested after they live-streamed their castration on the internet and performed crude surgeries on each other.

The group are likely to have been inspired by asexual Japanese illustrator Mao Sugiyama

As the daily mail reported:

"The group is likely inspired by asexual Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama who had his penis and testicles surgically removed nine years ago, aged 23, to serve as a meal to five guests at an exclusive banquet. He would later have his nipples cut off."
"A 'nullo', also known as a 'smoothie', is someone who has undergone extreme body modification by having their genitals, and sometimes also their nipples, surgically removed. Though the procedure is mostly done by men, there are women who also voluntarily have their vagina stitched closed and clitoris removed. "

Whilst the knowledge of these underground fetish communities has been known on the dark web for some time, we're witnessing the merging of the fetish community with the teen/youth community, seeking non-binary surgeries.

Many men who are part of this "nullo" community, also go to clinics and have their bits "nipped and tucked and whatnot", so in a way, it makes sense that these clinics would have existed ( although reprehensible ), to address the needs of this very small market.

What Gender Inc has done is, is take procedures that were created for specific men with peculiar fetishes and rebranded them- no longer are they eunuch makers, they are now the "brave new frontier of queer medicine,” who are "literally saving the lives of non-binary youth".

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