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The Language Of The Cult: EnbyPhobia, Cis Washing and Female Birth Parents

With Pride Month fully into its second week, frantic parents are writing to me asking what on Earth their 11-year-olds are speaking about online.

New words enter the transgender jargon lingo every year, with some terms that seem innocuous, but mask the true reality of what children are talking about.

"My parents are totally enbyphobic, my female birthing parent is always cis washing my lived experience".

In English, this translates to " My parents think this non-binary thing is probably a phase, my mother is always reminding me that I never really had any dysphoria as a kid."

This language is designed to keep parents out, to keep them in the dark, and it creates barriers between child and parent which are harmful.

"My child is learning on Zoom because of COVID for 16 months now, I leaned over her shoulder and looked at her class, out of 12 students 9 of them had their pronouns listed and two were using neo pronouns. They are only 12."

There is a place, however, where this language, terminology, and linguistic feats are understood- local GSA clubs, guidance counselors are trained in this jargon, GLSEN, GLAAD.

However, more recently we have seen "Enbies" in propaganda as young as 3-4. Blues Clues. In a recent episode they "celebrated" pride by showing a bizarre parade to the tune of "two by two".

"Ace, Bi, And Pan Grown ups you see, they love each other so proudly, and they all go marching in the big parade".

Translated- "asexual, bisexual, and pansexual", the cartoon drag queen is flanked by the various gender flags and other insignia.

This type of "education" is utterly worthless and it serves no purpose other than to promote ludicrous ideas to the most vulnerable people in our society- very small children who cannot contend with the images they are seeing and do not possess any critical thinking.

Please visit the Gendermapper store for stickers and leaflets to support the mission of Global Gender Mapping and please be in touch with me via the chat on the website if you or your family is being affected by this. With this, we can put more effort and funds into the Global Gender Mappint Project.

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