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The Chemical Capture of Young Males and the Parents who are trying to protect them

An area of study which no one has seriously ventured into yet is the complicated area of young ( 13-19 ) males who identify as "trans women". Whilst sexologists have long believed to have figured this phenomenon out ( unlike rapid-onset gender dysphoria in girls ), as Blanchard's groundbreaking AGP-HSTS typology, it seems as if a new group of males is emerging in their teens. Only their parents relay the true and chilling stories of what is going on.

Swedish mother, Vera, reached breaking point three years after her son, who suffered from autism and other mental health issues, declared himself as "transgender". Her story, unfortunately, is painfully familiar to anyone who has a boy in this group.

Vera's son had only been aware of trans ideology for two weeks after he declared himself at 17 " a woman for all his life", he went on to demand immediate gender surgery from his mother and made a series of frightening and paranoid accusations about her wanting harm to come to him. Sadly and worryingly, the paranoia and the outbursts were just starting, and Vera and her son's painful journey into the murky waters of gender doctors was just getting started.

Vera's son started trading hormones with people he had connected with online and, armed with a knife, he would barricade himself in his room. His paranoia later spired into a full-blown eating disorder, where he would hoard food under his bed, hiding it in different places in his room. Vera quickly noticed the sudden anorexia in her son and she started to become seriously concerned for his immediate future. She located a study on anorexia nervosa and estrogen and felt that, if she was to present it to the doctors who were treating her son they would immediately see the need to proceed with caution.

For the next few months, her son completely spiraled- stopped bathing, stopped eating and had very disturbed sleep pattern, the only time he would venture underneath the shower was before appointments at Stockholms gender identity clinic where they kept funneling him through the therapies, seemingly ignoring or indifferent to his visible weight loss and erratic speech and function.

After seeing the quick deterioration of her sons physical and emotional health, she went to the gender identity clinic in Sweden and wrote a letter explaining the factual health issues which she observed, and asked them to consider their treatment;

You are now about to treat a patient with depression, eating disorders, sleep problems for gender dysphoria and provide hormone therapy instead of ensuring that the patient no longer suffers from depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, sleep disorders and other things that affect the patient's ability to make sensible decisions. You are aware of the mental illness which runs in the family, and any reasonable approach would understand that the depression, anorexia and sleep issues would need to be addressed before irreversible action is taken. In a son as mentally ill as mine, you have affirmed and confirmed his idea of ​​gender dysphoria and it is reprehensible. If he does, indeed have schitzophrenia like his maternal grandmother it will be nearly impossible to break that dangerous perception of himself.

Vera was ignored, shuffled on, and told to deal with it. After all, once those doctors had written the prescriptions- their "care" ended there. The doctors and social workers pushing transition and hormones didn't have to take Vera's son home with them and watch while he barricaded himself in rooms, wielding a knife and starving himself. The disastrous fallout fell on Vera as a loving mother and a carer, and the medical staff couldn't have cared less about that.

Vera's son has continued to spiral into a deep and awful place, he no longer lives with her and does not work, calling only intermittently to ask for money. This is what a society does to a young man with mental illness who makes the dubious claim of being born in the wrong body.

I call on every mother of every son to stand up and demand new research into this phenomenon- the trifecta of mental illness, online gaming addiction, and trauma that is leading young males to declare themselves trans. We can't understand the scale of the problem if we are silenced and we don't speak out. There are, unfortunately, thousands of mothers suffering in this way, few are capable of speaking out.

Support us in any way you can and we will continue to deliver the truth about the medical scandal and its victims.

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