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Speaking about Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is now "Hate Speech"

I was silenced for 30 days on Facebook- and this should encourage all of us. If Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria was a conspiracy, it would not have rattled the cage as much as it has. Please read the entire text of "Hate Speech" which I posted on Facebook: Brynne is a 38-year-old Jewish mom of two. Brynne's daughter began to identify as trans at the age of 13. Brynne's daughter is now 16 years old and is still rejecting her female body.

Brynne realized that the support outwith the "gender-affirming" policy simply does not exist. Brynne naturally did not want her daughter to be put on a medical pathway with hormones and puberty blockers and wants her daughter to embrace her female body, and not go through medicalization which she will later regret. Brynne's daughter is one of the hundreds of thousands of girls suffering from "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria".
Brynne advocates for whole healthy bodies, acceptance of different personality expressions, eliminating harmful gender stereotypes, standing up for children and women's privacy and safety
Brynne is also working with nonprofits that seek to raise funds for public education in regards to the harms and abuse trans-identifying people and their families suffer in the medical and mental health community.

Excuse my hate speech- but what the hell is this?

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