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Prostitution, Only Fans, Anorexia, Gender Dysphoria and the Absurdity of "Informed Consent"

Gathering the stories and testimonies of the girls and boys who have fallen victim to the predatory gender industry is stomach churning, however, each story offers an insight in to the mindset and reality of the parents who are standing on the front lines.

Informed Consent is described as "a process for getting permission before conducting a healthcare intervention on a person" and is the rule which governs access to hormones and surgical interventions for gender dysphoric youth. The age at which one can give informed consent without the approval of a parent varies from 13 to 18, depending on what state you are in.

Planned Parenthood is the Number 1 Dispenser of wrong sex hormones to young women, with over 300 self declared "informed consent" clinics throughout the United States.

In 2016 the Founder of Tumblr, Karph joined the board of Planned Parenthood and ran an immediate campaign with the duplicitous hashtag #techstandswithpp. This was the first major collaboration between Big Tech and Big Gender- a marriage made in hell.

Planned Parenthood underwent a corporate rebranding in 2016 with a complete overview of their language, services and corporate foundation.

Planned Parenthood is aiming it's propaganda at teenage girls, and are sitting on the statistics of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, which show that 90% of trans identified teens are female, which can be seen from their 2019 survey of Trans Identified Youth which they put on their website in co-operation with GLSEN.

What is not being told here is the vulnerability of this population. In conversations I have had with the mothers and detransitioners who went to planned parenthood I've been told that many of the young women who went there had severe documented mental illness, eating disorders and several were engaged in prostitution.

With the Corporate rebranding of "transexual" to "transgender" and now to "non binary", we can see the progression of this medical identity.

What is true and indisputable, is that Planned Parenthood and other Informed Consent providers have been receiving a new cohort of patients for 4 years- females seeking testosterone- and they are not clinically curious as to why this is occurring. It can be understood that Planned Parenthood likely doesn't want to consider what is happening with this new pool of patients, and wishes to simply ride on without investigation.

This latest medical fad will leave an unspeakable amount of victims in it's midst- the most vulnerable of vulnerable are being treated with a type of cynical malpractice that could only have been dreamt of in science fiction novels.

In 2021 Planned Parenthood shows no signs of stopping their crusade to dispense hormones to young women, who will reign them in and hold them to account? When will the shaky tower of cards start to fall?

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