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OnlyGrooming: How Influencers speak to your dysphoric kids online

Youtube Influencer Belle Delphine straddles the line between minor content for the youngest of children and hardcore pornography.

"I like something so big and so gross overpowering me", she said in a recent interview with child fan influencer Logan Paul.

"I guess....right now I'm really in to gang bang pornography", She said whilst swishing her cosplay wig and batting her eyelashes.

Belle Delphine, Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, pornographer. She's an "uwu", a streamer girl, and chances are, if your son is dysphoric- he wants to look like her.

No one actually can look like Belle Delphine- because she's a character.

Belle Delphine is the quintessential "adult content for kids" with her high energy, 'barely legal', live streaming video games for teens with her breasts out trope and she's adored by teenage boys- both dysphoric and not.

I wouldn't talk about Belle Delphine if she didn't have millions of followers- whilst I find "adult content for kids"tasteless and potentially illegal, if she was spreading this message to 12 people, I wouldn't bother.

These "influencers" have a direct broadcast into the rooms of every 12 year old with a phone and their product is body dissociation and hardcore pornography.

Furthermore, influencers like Belle Delphine, Lana Rhoads ( who now manages young women on pornhub ) and even "gender criticals' movement' own Buck Angel, are promoting a business case where the porn consumer, teenager can develop a personal relationship with the pornographer.

Case in point, Belle Delphine went on to sell her bathwater as a product to her male fans.

An overwhelming percentage of boys who think they are girls are disproportionately inspired by Hentai, Animai and the "e-girl' culture. With young women teaming up with cross platform influencers, like David Dobrik, to create a youtube, tiktok, twitch, only fans omni-channel presence adults would be wise to immerse themselves in the online world your dysphoric children reside in.

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