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"No one is performing genital surgery on minors" debunked in 5 easy minutes

The Gendermapping Project and its volunteers are disgusted to report that genital surgery is performed on minors in the United States.

We are so often told that "no one performs surgery on minor children" by the most vocal trans activists- because even they know it's absolutely abhorrent to remove the testes of a 15 year old male.

When the GenderMapper Volunteer called this clinic, she said that her 15 year old wishes to have his testicles removed- a procedure known as "orchiectomy" she was told that they can indeed perform the surgery, but that insurance doesn't cover the procedure because of "her age".

An orchiectomy is a surgery which removes the testicles of the patient, in a bid to reduce testosterone being produced. It goes without saying that this absolutely sterilises the patient for life, and is completely irreversible.

What concerns me, of course, is the growing number of surgeons performing these surgeries and doing so in absolute plain sight, whilst at the same time we are told that no one does these surgeries on minors.

The Gender Industry is a billion dollar industry, with new gender clinics opening up Worldwide every week. Gender Dysphoria, rather than being a condition, is an opportunity for money making.

In 2021 the Gender Mapping Project will be focusing on the surgical elements of this treatment and exploring the limitations and reporting the excesses of this exploitative emerging medical market.

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Join us in exposing this cruel and horrific regime of abuse.

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