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Gender Mapping: What is the point?

Gender Mapping started when I wondered how prevalent gender clinics are and how easy it is for adults to get cross-sex hormones. After I found a source online which had all the informed consent clinics in the United States- I saw the Global Gender Mapping project in my mind as a reality.

The Global Gender Mapping project was going to reveal the names of every pediatric gender clinic in the World and allow former patients to write testimonies of the experiences they had. What has transpired, however, is beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined.

The pediatric gender clinics were not listed on the list of informed consent clinics ( which were mainly planned parenthoods ), and I began to think for a moment "Maybe what the activists say is true, maybe young children are not being transitioned."

We started to investigate. Each call to prospective doctors and clinics we gave stories of dysphoric children and asked for medical help. Not only did the clinics say "of course we help with cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers", but they started love-bombing me over the phone about what a wonderful mother I was for accepting my newly sexed child. At the end of my first call, I marked my first "purple" pin on the map. Purple is for pediatric.

Shrugging the call off, and feeling a little sick to my stomach, I said "there will only be a few, it cannot be that prevalent", but after dozens of phone calls in just New York alone, I knew that this was going to be the disinfectant that shows the true scale of what is going on.

This map, details over 300 pediatric gender clinics and pediatric surgical centers. Many of these services are given at specialized, new gender identity clinics, but some are run out of the local hospital. In one children's hospital in New Jersey, they have an entire wing of dysphoric children- a local woman told me it was something out of a horror movie.

GenderMapping- which is just the ability, to tell the truth about what is happening in gender clinics- is already having an effect on the law.

Several articles written about the Arkansas Puberty blocker ban cited the gender map, and my work and Gender Mappers even got to submit testimony before the state senate in Texas!

This is the power of extraordinary people reporting ordinary and truthful things. Our project is still ongoing, we will never stop- because the truth, data, and numbers are what is needed to convey the horror of this reality.

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