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Dysphoric Females, Only Fans, Online Prostitution and GoFundMe: The Intersection of Exploitation

It always amazes me how June's Pride events speak so much about "the brave and powerful transgender identity", but never mention the vicious organizations which exploit it.

Darius* is your typical "trans man" on pornhub- desperate for money. When lockdown came and porn shoots were closed she made a video of herself fellating and simulating sex with a skeleton.

Darius* appears in various other disturbing videos, mainly performing blow jobs. Her tiny frame, not even 5 foot, appears in amateur homemade pornography, where a chunk of her earnings go to pornhub, only fans, and private snap chat.

Many FTMs who appear on PornHub are using the site to generate popularity for other sites where they can monetize better. On pornhub, the "performer" either gets paid from the production company ( who gets paid by pornhub for the content ), or they get paid for every X number of views. If a performer can gather a fan base from PornHub, then they can use that to encourage their "fans" to go to their private snap chat or their only fans, where they can make more money selling their sex content.

Most dysphoric females who are managed by "model hub" is performing out of desperation- pornography, like all forms of sexual violence, is cruel, unashamed, and capitalizes on the weakest.

The few who do manage to make a living from this, are the absolute minority of minorities.

The average monthly income of a woman on only fans is $170- but many make absolutely nothing.

GoFundMe is also taking a hefty percentage and making a tidy profit from hosting the fundraisers for young dysphoric females to remove their breasts.

Many surgeons boast that their patients have raised money on GoFundMe and paid out of pocket for their "top surgery", it's a badge of honor that these surgeons are so sought after by these women.

This is what happens when you live in a world where sex is a spectrum and sex work is work. Anything is possible, anything goes and there are no standards.

What strikes me as more sinister, is that the elders of the FTM community, self-declared "gender critical" trans man and pornographer Buck Angel, waxes lyrically about how she wishes to protect children from medicalization whilst producing content that encourages more and more confused and desperate young women to consider a life of pornography a viable option.

A seedy motel, a woman visibly disgusted by the sex act she's performing, this is the face of FTM pornography.

The pained look on Bucks's face as she performs yet another camera blow job really does sum the entire package up. It is the ribbon holding the package together.

More and more parents turn to me, asking if I can source their daughters on only fans, help them to know if their kids are in danger of being "managed" in producing content for one of these sites.

"But prostitution is just something many transgender people do"

One doctor said to a mother of a trans-identified prostituted woman in Sweden. Joanna Olson Kennedy, MD boasts that 30% of her clients come from so-called "sex work".

Decades of researching pornography have taught us that those who turn to pornography are often the most desperate, and they lead lives that are fraught with pain, trauma, and fear. It is only in a World where this inversion of sanity and decency is accepted that these lies are allowed to live out in the open.

To the surgeons- stop performing surgeries on dysphoric youth working in prostitution, stop telling them to open only fans.

To the porn sites and only fans- stop hosting mentally ill women on your site- stop making money off their misery and pain.

To the parents of the girls who are prostituting for surgery- don't give up. I know that I won't.

Please consider supporting the gender mapping project so that we can continue to report the truth so long as we are able to.

I am offering an evening course on gender identity, porn and prostitution. Please see the times available and book.

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