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Despite Endless Corporate Propaganda, Black Youth are not transitioning

The narrative of "black trans lives" is something that has been trending since June 2020, with a slight interest in November the year before.

This has led to a political movement, which has ties to GLSEN and planned parenthood- the largest provider of wrong sex hormones in the World.

GLSEN has produced over 170 pieces of content that contain information on items like 'black queer', yet only has 117 mentions of "women".

There is a wildly disproportionate amount of trans-related content targetted at black youth, outweighing any group by far. Despite this, however, black youth are not transitioning and are severely under-represented in the statistics.

Comparing 2017's Trans Youth Survey and 2019 Trans Youth Survey by GLSEN and it's clear to see- despite the fact that they have produced unrelenting propaganda aimed at black youth, they are not transitioning.

Putting aside the fact that over 90% of this particular study are female, let's take a look at the race/ethnicity breakdown.

Comparing the two years, it appears that identifying as transgender amongst African American youth is becoming less popular, but yet it continues to be propagandized by groups like GLSEN, GLAAD, and International Planned Parenthood. When more than 14% of American youth are black, 2.2% is revealing.

A cynical individual may come to the conclusion that the reason that there is an inordinate amount of propaganda for black youth is due to the fact they are not biting.

It is my belief that corporate pride groups like GLSEN are deliberately conflating race with gender identity to give it more legitimacy.

None of this is organic- and we should all recognize this dangerous trend.

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