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Debt Slavery, Medialization, and Identity Based Medicine

With 10% of all high school students identifying as transgender, the increase in colleges offering on-site gender-based medicine is prevalent. What this means is that, whilst testosterone and estrogen provide no difficult barrier to entry for patients seeking wrong sex hormones, many are turning to alternative sources to fund their surgeries.

Dr. Joanna Olson Kennedy famously said that many of her patients come from the so-called "sex work" industry- what that means in plain English is that she's operating on men and women who are selling their bodies to afford their surgeries. The average age of death for a woman in prostitution is 37, the same goes for pornography. Numerous studies have indicated that women in prostitution have endured severe sexual trauma and that 97% have wished to leave at some point.

Only Fans has also led to the seismic shift in the perception of online prostitution and pornography, especially for those who are identifying as "trans".

Homelessness is often said to be something that disproportionately affects this population, and putting the pieces together can often be quite easy. When the average only fans "account" makes $170 per month on only fans but have over $30,000 in medical debt- it's easy to see how ends are not being met.

Several surgeons offer "financing", which means that at the age of 18 you can opt into a multitude of lifetime decisions- one to remove your breasts, and another to commit to medical debt and potentially debt slavery.

This leads to teens making group decisions to go on cross-sex hormones or get surgeries because they know that they may not be covered by health insurance later.

A sickening trend emerges when examining the colleges, universities, and their health policies. Many colleges are listing their "trans-inclusive" services that are available on-site, so to boost their appeal for admissions.

Bottom line: Sex Reassignment Surgery/hormone replacement therapy may open one door, but it closes many others. The burden of treatment for people who believe they are transgender is very high -a lifetime of medicalization, invasive dangerous surgeries, scars, sexual function, libido, total loss of sex life as well as spending accumulative years overcoming surgery.

With the 10% of high school students thinking about their future, will they seek out colleges with plans and medical services that cover informed consent and so-called "transgender care"? What checks and balances can be put in place so that at-risk young adults won't make a decision to go on wrong sex hormones because they know they may not have coverage in 2-3 years?

This is extremely ominous.

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