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Cloudy with a chance of Testosterone

The scale of the mental health crisis facing our girls and young people is often spoke about, and social media is widely recognized to be a negative influence, but rarely is it so culpable in the complete destruction of the soul and body of the confused teen, as when it allows independent gender clinics to target young women in crises.

This advert appears on the timeline of thousands of confused children and teens questioning their identity every day.

“This appeared on my timeline today,” says Rowena* ( name changed ), “Good job that I didn’t see this a few years ago when I was deeply into gender identity ideology".

Adverts like this aren’t just hosted on facebook, youtube is a wealth of propaganda for the science deniers, like the “Gender GP”, who lost her license, and now dishes out advice and hormones to desperate teenagers, the majority of whom are girls.

It’s clear at this point we have absolutely no standards for the young people of 2020 who are so completely sucked in by this damning and damaging ideology. When 90.8% of self identifying trans youth are female, as is shown by a recent study by GLSEN, we need to start to take some real stock of exactly what teen girls are buying into today. There is an entire movement which revolves around women actively rejecting their bodies- and all women can understand this on some level. Think about the girl who is looked at by an older male on the bus or the girl who free falls into puberty first in her peer group- public hair and period pains when she still wants to swim naked in the neighbours pool, or the girl who is a bit chubby- these are all girls who come to the conclusion that they are “born in the wrong body”.

Taking this natural female experience and pathologizing it, preying on the girls with independent gender clinics is a terrifying scandal and it’s happening in plain sight. The invention of the transgender child has indeed caused wide spread issues, and the biggest victims emerging appear to be teenage girls.

Lest we be accused of such invented language as “transphobia” or “terfism”, let’s consider whether we would approve or even tolerate targetted adverts of cosmetic surgery to girls who had joined anorexia support groups online?

The social media complicity in its advertisement to young confused girls does not, however, end there. For some years now, unbelievable numbers of insecure young women in Western countries have been told they “are really men”. After seeking help from gender identity clinics, they are hastily set on a path to “gender transition”. Now we are reading about the many who regret the way they were treated. They feel they were not supported so they could work through their concerns. They regret that they were quickly embarked on a life-time of drug-taking and — all too soon — lost their breasts to eager surgeons. We are shocked to read how deeply traumatized many of them are. What we keep wondering is how did the medical profession become so complicit in such damaging practices? How did something as deeply irrational as gender identity ideology manage to find such acceptance in the medical community? Listening to stories of women who’ve suffered this way, it is easy to suspect that doctors are not just undertaking procedures that are medically negligent but that they are engaged in outright predatory medicine.

The number of doctors performing double mastectomies on the bodies of young insecure women is astounding. They know how to find their prey. They don’t advertise in the Yellow Pages. They are looking for young girls, ideally between 10 and 14. So they advertise on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok, rarely used by anyone over the age of 25, has it’s solid demographic in the tween. The Surgeon influencers promote “Top Surgery”, a euphemistic term for a double mastectomy, talk about “T” and “nip reveals”, this “cutesy” language is used to deceive and deflect from the horror of what is going on. Euphemisms are used in this duplicitous way to deceive it’s audience- which reveals the complete culpability and in legal terms “mens rea” of the surgeons who know a double mastectomy on healthy breasts can never be framed in positivity.

These predatory doctors are operating with impunity, selling the fantasy butchery on social media to our most vulnerable. To anyone who interjects and says “there is no way to police every social media account” please ask any woman who has dared to state biological fact is real how many times her account has been suspended and all will be revealed.

All of this is going to come crashing down and will tear down several institutions at the same time. Reditt Currently has 17,000 Detransitioners with more accounts created daily- many of these women are naming and shaming their surgeons and are independently seeking legal counsel. With FaceBook and TikTok operating as the de facto media and PR representatives for the destructive gender identity ideology- will their feet be held to the fire?

I would like to scream a battle cry to all those who care about the vulnerable to call on those who are validating this lunacy- let’s close this chapter in our history and start cleaning up the mess it has caused. Women are waking up every day, still suffering from the mental illnesses that led them to think they were “born in the wrong body”. These women bear the scars of a scandalous movement- double mastectomies, irreversible hormone changes, surgically aided self harm and a plethora of mental ailments. We must intervene. The tide is turning.

Furthermore, I would like to send a personal message to the doctors, hormone providers; “We see you, Stop targeting young women, Turn your medical attention to individuals who actually do require help and look up because the lawsuits are coming.”

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