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Anorexia, Homelessness, and Prostitution: The Cold Reality of Gender Dysphoric Youth

As each day passes, I believe that I may have heard the worst story of medical negligence, social worker negligence, or teacher negligence- but each day brings a new low, and the floods of stories from detransitioners, parents, and teachers continue to pour in.

Severe eating disorders brought on by estrogen seem to be somewhat known and understood, however, no one is listening to the reasonable concerns of the parents and loved ones of young males who are simultaneously on a hormone regime and also refusing to eat.

"Weeks after his first appointment through an informed consent clinic, my son started to restrict his eating. He won't open his door, or wash or wear clean clothes unless we demand it of him, and yet he goes to the local informed consent clinic for life-altering cross-sex hormones without an issue. They must see the way he looks; confused, unable to articulate the reasons why he is a "woman", his lack of eye contact, his poor hygiene, and his extremely low body weight." Says Sandra, a heartbroken mother from California.

This story is echoed by most parents of boys who are expressing extreme discomfort in their male bodies, and it's an issue that has been exported from the US to Canada, the UK, and far, far beyond.

A mother of a young woman in Canada has been petitioning the doctors performing her daughter's double mastectomy that she is not well emotionally, and to please pick up the phone and hear the concerns of a loving mother. The phone is slammed down and her emails are deleted. Even more worrying, is that the girl is raising money to fund this surgery by prostituting herself to men- all this when she has a loving mother who is willing to fund her education and support her everyday living expenses- just not in life-altering surgeries.

"Every day is a living hell, I am living with the knowledge that my daughter, who declared herself trans only after a sexual assault and meeting a few other females with "non-binary" identities is about to have her breasts removed this week and is prostituting herself at great risk to her emotional and physical health. It's too much to bear. I have to take sleeping pills at night to get through this."

These stories are not isolated, but the parents who tell them do so under pseudonyms, for fear of physical repercussions by trans activists or losing their jobs.

Another example of how the medical-industrial complex has captured the insecure and mentally ill is seen when we examine how many very young males with trans identities are also heavily addicted to online gaming- to the tune of 19 hours a day.

"I walk in my son's room, the stench is unbearable, he leaves only to urinate, he believes that he is the avatar that he is playing online- that is the name he is demanding that we all call him. I cannot call my son who I brought into this world after a 45-hour labor a Pokemon character name and continue with his delusion that he might be able to have pink hair and look like a Japanese character,. "

Whilst the masses scream of "Trans Rights" and applaud the latest appointment to Health Secretary, ask yourself "What is Dr. Levine going to do about this massive crisis on teenage mental health?"

Who is going to hold them to account? Who is going to pick up the pieces? Who is going to publish in mainstream newspapers these stories from frightened parents? The time has come for us to say " I will not contribute to this, I will not indulge in these fantasies and I will not allow a massive experiment to be conducted on young, vulnerable people."

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