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Alix Aharon Interview on "Non Binary" Surgeries, OnlyFans and "For profit" Gender Services

Alix Aharon returns with updates on her research into the dangerous dichotomy facing young girls today: either hypersexualize or de-sex altogether. We get into who specifically is being targeted by gender corporatism and media, who’s resisting the propaganda, and the organized grooming of women and girls of all ages into the mass psychosis of gender dysphoria. We also cover the recent craze of so-called non-binary surgeries, the trans movement’s desecration and appropriation of faith and religious heritage, the perverted limitlessness of hentai, the insidious ways in which child sex abuse is being normalized, and the push against healthy human sexuality toward a non-human, alien-like future. Alix is an activist and journalist building important real-time documentation and awareness of the everyday violence committed by the gender industry via the Gender Mapper Project. Her candid articulations regarding these medicalized atrocities inspire women to come out of the gender critical closet, ask questions, and escape the dizzying mind control sweeping society.

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