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Planned Parenthood : Negligent Liars

Planned Parenthood is now the Largest Provider of Cross Sex Hormones for Americans teens, in a twisted sick fate- they are also responsible for the sex education which tells them they are "born in the wrong body" and promotes adult sex acts ( anallingus, fisting ).

Planned Parenthood trades on its good name and history of providing Women's Health by sliding into the precarious science-denying business of gender identity which all too often hurts women.

Moving on from giving hormones to confused teens, Planned Parenthood has reached a new low and is now confusing children with their sex education. They teach complicated unscientific concepts as biological facts and are holding shocking evidence that they are fully aware that the vast majority (90%+) of Transgender youth are Female. They dispense their sex education through groups like GLSEN and Gender Spectrum.

These organizations are teaching Kindergarten through 12 concepts which are impossible to grasp and they are entering words into the lexicon which do not exist in day-to-day life or outside of gender studies lectures at the University Level.

I attended their webinar, where they were referring to a study they performed with around 10,000 students. According to their data- 90% are female and they identify with various “transgender, non-binary” identities, however, only 3.3% of ALL the transgender identifying kids are saying they are “trans women”. This is not surprising to anyone who knows about the current trend of gender dysphoria in teenage girls, however, it is nevertheless shocking. Females no longer want to be females.

I took a screenshot of this and added it here. They are holding in their hands this incredibly shocking statistic that proves Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria- no one is sounding the alarm, no one is raising the red flag- why?

90% of all kids who said they were Transgender are girls

Again, this shows what an acutely female problem this is- only 3.3% are males saying they are “transwomen”

Please see this slide of nonsense which is part of a glossary of terms taught to children aged 5–8. One of the Terms is “cis Privilege”. They claim that the more you identify with your sex, the more “cis privilege” you have. Such language is confusing, counter-intuitive, and quite frankly, highly ideological.

Planned Parenthood informs in a webinar that the only options on birth certificates are male and female, however, they emphasize that they feel this is some great injustice which will change very soon with the recognition of additional sexes. Planned parenthood is a medical health provider who is teaching children there are more than two sexes- how did we fall so far?

Planned Parenthood, which is shockingly a health care provider, is delivering proxy sex education through these organizations and leveraging their good name to get this science-denying garbage into schools.

They now introduce an entirely new term, called “genderism” which is apparently oppressing someone on the basis of their gender identity, which is doing things like “saying sex is not assigned at birth”.

I am calling out Planned Parenthood right now for this harmful nonsense.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood lists several outright lies about hormones on their very own informed consent for Testosterone, they claim that there are “benefits” for a woman to take testosterone. They are defining “benefits” as some things I don’t know they necessarily should.

I want planned parenthood to start teaching proper sexual health and genuine LGB education, get out of the hormone gender identity business, and to start helping with the female mental health crisis which they know fine well about- or the tower of cards will come falling directly on top of Planned Parenthood.

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