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This is the Gender map

The Gender Map is the database of all gender clinics for adults and children. Our database is always 20 days behind our data to preserve the secrecy of the project. We are constantly told that no one is doing surgeries on children and that no one is prescribing cross-sex hormones to young children. We refute those claims with evidence. 

GenderMapper volunteers work in secret, around the world to collate evidence and document what is occurring. Gendermapper volunteers are unsung heros- and data is our truth.

The Gendermap evidence has been used in Texas, and Arkansas, and is being viewed by officials WorldWide. 

Please consider volunteering for the Gender mapping project, so that we can continue to do intake on clinics, and deliver the truth. Gendermapper volunteers spend hours every day calling clinics and documenting evidence- all of it is unpaid. 


Orange is Pediatric Surgeon
Purple is Pediatric Gender Clinic

Light Purple is 16-18 Gender clinic
Blue is Informed Consent
Red is Testimony

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